Deadspin's AJ Daulerio Discusses The Josh Hamilton Story


Deadspin's AJ Daulerio Discusses The Josh Hamilton Story.

Plus, Do You Believe Big Papi, A-Rod Is Liberated & Town Hall Mess

The big news of the weekend in baseball was supposed to be the press conference of David Ortiz admitting, or not admitting, to using performance enhancing drugs. That presser took place at 12:30pm on Saturday afternoon.

Ninety minutes before, photos emerged of Texas Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton -- recovering drug addict and devout follower of Christ -- in a bar with several women who weren't his wife, in what seemed to be a clearly intoxicated state.

I talked with AJ Daulerio, editor of Deadspin, about the story. First, we discuss why he put the images out on a Saturday morning, a short time before the biggest story in the sport was about to unfold? He explained that word had gotten out about the photos and other places were trying to procure them. He wanted their version of the story, which he explains they've been working on since March, to come out first.

And obviously, now that the photos are out, mainstream media agrees that this one is news. ESPN has several stories on the situation, including running some of the images Deaspin procured. While MSM is covering the story now, I ask Daulerio if he thinks this is something they would have un-covered? Have sites like Deadspin changed the game for everyone else? In the past, media members might let a story like this go, but now that blogs won't, does the media have to cover sports differently?

Daulerio talks about an off-the-record conversation with a Fort Worth Star Telegram beat writer who, when asked if he thought the Hamilton story could be true, basically hung up on Daulerio, telling him to stick to covering Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. Daulerio feels that Hamilton was a product of the media, so they may be reluctant to knock him down.

And is the story over? When Alex Rodriguez "�came clean' about steroids, people thought there was more to the story. It turned out, there was. Will people continue to investigate Hamilton? Will Deadspin?

We finish with a conversation about the site, and how it's changed in the last few months in tone, and in a way, aggression. With Daulerio running the site for a year now, we get a state of the state of Deadspin.

Speculation Station:

I think the underlying story that came out of that press conference on Saturday was that the Union has lied to its players for years. Their defense with the list of 104 names was plausible deniability. The players were left in the dark, so when Ortiz was reportedly on the list, it seemed that news was actually the first time he heard it. Which explains his initial comments about finding out more information before he spoke. We're so quick to blame the players, but is there a lot more blame to go around than we realize.

Seriously, how is that doing a service to their players? Shouldn't the Union better prepare their players for this news, rather than hiding behind the federal government?

Sure, Hamilton admitted to a mistake when Ortiz apologized for shopping at a vitamin store, but are we indicting Ortiz because we haven't believed the excuse before with other players? JC Romero was suspended this year because he was stupid and bought a banned item. Isn't that all Ortiz did, when the items weren't even banned? And while Hamilton "�came clean,' he only did so because photos of him doing body shots off of women's chests (and other questionable acts) had emerged.

If there were photos of a needle sticking out of David Ortiz's butt, that would have been a much different press conference.

And what about A-Rod's quotes on Big Papi in the NY Daily News?

David's a good friend," Rodriguez said before Saturday's Yankee victory. "I've been there, done that and lived it. Whatever he did, I hope he feels better about it, because I certainly did once I had my press conference."

"I'm so proud of the way things came out," Rodriguez said. "I took a lot of things off my chest, and since that press conference, I feel like a new man. I feel like I've been embraced by not only the city of New York, but my teammates, my coaches and my manager. I feel liberated by the way I came out and did things."

Does he remember he lied, TWICE, to the media before they un-covered the truth? How does that make him feel liberated?

Political Safari:

It's like the heckler at a comedy club, only nobody is laughing. We discuss who is to blame for these disruptions and if they even really matter in the grand scheme of legislation.

Isn't the political arena just a giant fishbowl full of piranas? And don't we love watching them eat each other?

Monday, August 10, 2009

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