Thoughts From Local Animal Rescue Groups on Vick


Michael Vick Signs With Eagles. We React, Get Thoughts From The 700 Level & Local Animal Rescue Groups

We host a special episode to discuss Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. Never in a million years did we think Vick would sign with Philadelphia, so Nick and I discuss the move, the ramifications on and off the field and get thoughts from interested parties in the area.

We first get Nick's reaction, as both a life-long Eagles fan and a dog owner.

We then talk with Dr. Christine Tartaro, who not only holds a PhD in criminal justice with focus on the rehabilitation processes of the corrections system, but is also the spokesperson for Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue, a tri-state area animal rescue organization.

She's not happy. No animal lovers in this area seem to be happy today. This is a situation where, yes, Vick has paid his debt to society, but as Tartaro explains:

"He paid his debt to society by going away to prison. But this is a different issue. Playing in the NFL is a privilege. It is one of the most glorious jobs you can get in the United States "“ particularly a quarter back in the NFL. Nobody has a right to work in the NFL. It's a privilege. As an animal lover, I'm not saying he has no right to work anywhere "“ I had no problem at all with the 10-dollar an hour construction job that he had. Let him go work that for the rest of his life."�

We discuss the plans for local animal organizations in response to the signing. Will they boycott the Eagles this season, or will there be more drastic measures?

"I am very very very hopeful that there will be mobilized action. I know that's one of the things that I'm looking at right now."�

We also bring in Enrico Campitelli from Philly blog The 700 Level to get his reaction to the signing. What do the fans think? We did this interview within half an hour of Vick's signing, and before we could hear Andy Reid or McNabb's comments, so you can hear in our voices how we're trying to wrap our heads around this.

I ask Enrico what fans will think. He brings up the point that Eagles fans are as loyal as any fans in the world, and the die-hard fans will accept this, and in turn maybe even like it. The casual fan, he points out, might not come back.

To read more of Enrico's thoughts, head on over to The 700 Level to get his take.

Nick and I discuss the fan angle, the potential racial implications and where Donovan McNabb fits in. McNabb said he's been a mentor to Vick, and explained that he lobbied for Vick to get signed. Do we believe him? McNabb has played the media in the past, and PFT reported that he wasn't happy with the signing. That was before the presser, so was the report wrong, or is the Eagles spin that McNabb pushed for it -- that it was his idea?

The circus is definitely in town.


"¢Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue

"¢Nick references Philly PAWS

"¢Read my initial reaction at The Washington Post

"¢Read the story, with quotes from Reid & McNabb over at The Sporting Blog

"¢Read Enrico's updated thoughts at The 700 Level

"¢Read Daulerio's thoughts at Deadspin

Friday, August 14, 2009

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