Andre Smith: Finding New Ways to Disappoint

Because I'm a Cincinnati-inclined guy, I did my best to not bog you down in what interests me locally, but the level of fail Andre Smith is choosing to engage in at the moment has hit a national level, and it only seems to be getting worse by the day.

By now, you've almost assuredly heard that Smith, the No. 6 overall pick in this year's NFL draft, fractured a bone in his left foot and will miss seven-to-10 days. This was in just his third practice. In a non-contact drill. It was not exactly the start you'd hope to see for a guy who missed a full month of camp as the second longest holdout of the rookies this season.

But as a professional athlete, he obviously did a great deal to take care of himself while he was away from the Bengals so he could come in at peak physical condition, right? It was either that, or he was injecting himself intravenously with butter three times a day.

Adam Schefter reports Smith showed up at camp weighing 364 lbs. That's 30 above his usual playing weight. On a positive note, he'd already dropped six pounds since arriving in Cincinnati ... before the break in his foot. Yeah, I'm sure that whole being immobilized thing will do wonders for his weight loss. If nothing else, it should save the Bengals a few bucks on this colossal waste of a draft pick. He reportedly has a clause in his deal about his weight being above 350 lbs. if he's inactive.

So yeah, if you're going to Vegas and have the opportunity to bet on which top 10 pick will be out of the league first, I suggest emptying your pockets and putting it all on Smith. All of this -- the weight issues and the injury -- come on the heels of his coaches saying he wouldn't start any time soon and his own teammates punking him in the second episode of Hard Knocks on HBO this season. (During the rookie talent show, free agent tackle Gus Parrish did an Andre Smith imitiation by jiggling around his man breasts while fake running a 40-yard dash a la Smith at his 'Bama pro day.)

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