For Some, School Just Doesn't Make Sense

For Some, School Just Doesn't Make Sense

Posted Sep 10, 2009 5:30AM By Kevin Blackistone (RSS feed)

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9-10-2009 @ 7:02AM

Maybe he didn't want to leave his girl friend? maybe he didn't think he was adult enough to handle the pressure that goes with being a top draft pick or an adult for that matter. And maybejust maybe he wanted to set an example to all those kids out there with dreams of a Pro career that school is important?"But truth is that most of us go to college to hone our skills -- those we already possess, or those we seek to gain -- in order to realize the most comfortable way for us to make a living. That usually means realizing the line of work that remunerates us the most."� What skills did you hone Kevin?


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