USC's Barkley will be Tested by OSU

USC's Barkley will be Tested by OSU

Matt Barkley isn't normal. True freshmen don't start at quarterback at Southern California and Barkley does, so it should be clear he isn't subject to the same limitations that apply to the rest of us.

But whenever I hear someone say Ohio State is going to get hammered Saturday by USC, my first thought is of Barkley and my second is of Ohio Stadium. It is an intriguing matchup.

The first time I was on the floor of the expanded stadium, my thoughts were of Egyptian soldiers, looking up at the parted waters of the Red Sea when they were about to come crashing down on them. The stadium was empty and it felt as if I was caught in a valley between two mountain ranges. This is what Jonah might have felt like in the belly of a great gray whale.

The old stadium could be a confidence crusher, too. It was shaped like a horseshoe. The South stands were free-standing bleachers perched on the open end, and there was enough space on either side for a claustrophobic opponent to see an escape route.

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