Twins have Learned to Go with the Flow

Twins have Learned to Go with the Flow

DETROIT — And so the first game of the super colossal four-game series of the century was washed away here Monday night. A doubleheader was rescheduled for today, but more rain is expected. This is great. This is fantastic. We could end up with two doubleheaders, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday, to maybe decide the division title.

That's like the old days, when a summer of rainouts led to a slew of crucial September doubleheaders. Baseball biographies of the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants and the Yankee dynasties of DiMaggio and Mantle are filled with heroic feats performed in September doubleheaders.

"*^%," said manager Ron Gardenhire.

Maybe Gardenhire can be like old-time managers Leo Durocher, Casey Stengel and Walt Alston and leave a baseball in the locker of the next day's starting pitcher(s). That's what those guys used to do down the stretch. And it was how a pitcher discovered whether he was on the hill that day.

"*$%#^," Gardenhire added.

He didn't appear to be particularly thrilled with Monday's rainout.

"It's definitely not ideal," said Michael Cuddyer. "But they've got to do it, too. It's not just the Minnesota Twins who have to deal with bad weather."

Talk about old school. Cuddyer has been on an anti-whining campaign for the past several weeks. He has been playing baseball with the same attitude that we all had when we played as kids.

"Can anybody here pitch? OK, you're the pitcher. Who can play shortstop? Good, you play short."

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