Retooled Rotation Driving Phillies

Retooled Rotation Driving Phillies

The great irony of last year's World Series title was that the hard-hitting Phillies really got through October on the strength of their pitching. It was like Andy Reid winning the Super Bowl with 300 rushing yards and only 10 forward passes.

The amazing thing about this year's run is that the starting pitching has been strong again but with a very different cast.

Last year: Cole Hamels and Brett Myers at the top of the rotation.

This year: Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez.

Hamels has been puzzlingly inconsistent. Myers is out of the rotation because of injury (although he could be back in the bullpen for the World Series). Jamie Moyer is lost with an injury. In a way, Hamels has taken Moyer's slot in the rotation, while the new guys have taken the top two spots.

J.A. Happ was in the bullpen last year and has played both roles this year. Joe Blanton pitched very well last October and pretty well this October. He's about the only constant from one World Series run to the next, and that is just plain stunning.




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