Pedro Not as Scary as He Used to Be

Pedro Not as Scary as He Used to Be

NEW YORK – Cliff Lee did everything Wednesday night but spit tobacco juice all over Monument Park. He reduced the mighty Yankees to Williamsport size, and did more showboating with his glove than the Harlem Globetrotters ever did with the ball.

Ten strikeouts, no walks, and no chance for the home team in a 6-1, Game 1 defeat that left pessimistic Yankee fans thinking about the ‘76 World Series and optimistic Yankee fans thinking about the ‘96 World Series.

Oh, the optimists had one other egg in their late October baskets.

The petrified remains of Pedro Martinez will start Game 2.

If only to work up a pregame sweat, Pedro said he was once welcomed to the Bronx as a monster, an ogre, and a villain defined by a tabloid’s horns and tail.

But here’s the thing that should trouble Martinez the most: He’s not that frightening anymore. At 38, Pedro isn’t anyone’s idea of a demon.

He’s everyone’s idea of an old man tethered to old glories by a single frayed thread – his right arm.

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