The NBA Play-In Tournament Proposal

The spiral bound document says "Make Every Game Count: The NBA Play-In Tournament." 

It's a proposal to take the eighth and last playoff spot in each conference and, instead of awarding it to the eighth team, making it the first and only prize in a single-elimination tournament between each conference's eight laggards. 

If we have learned one thing from the NCAA tournament or the NFL playoffs, it's that single elimination tournaments are thrill-rides. 

They're not as good at deciding who's better. But you'd have to be insane not to watch. 

The NBA needs some of that "lose and go home" magic. They need cinderella teams, and underdogs sending favorites packing. They need multiple season-deciding buzzer beaters on the same day. 

Meanwhile, they also need the tradition of the NBA championship. 

So this is brilliant. It's the best of the many single elimination proposals that I have heard (many of which have been on this site through the years, including David Thorpe's idea of a tournament with NBA teams vs. internationals at All-Star Weekend). It's also very similar to one that Bill Simmons has written about.

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