Hamels and Lidge Lost 2008 Magic

Hamels and Lidge Lost 2008 Magic

PHILADELPHIA -- One night, Cole Hamels can't get out of the fifth inning. The next night, Brad Lidge can't maneuver safely through the ninth.

One night Hamels is giving up a game-tying hit -- to a pitcher! The next night Lidge is allowing Johnny Damon to steal second base and third base -- on the same pitch!

Hamels can't figure out what pitch to throw. Lidge can't figure out what base to cover.

Hamels lost Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday, which put the Phillies in a bind. Lidge lost Game 4 on Sunday, which sent them to the brink.

Hamels and Lidge. Hamels and Lidge.

The Phillies never would have won last year without them. The Phillies have won this year despite them.

Now the Phillies are on the verge of losing the World Series because of them.

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