Series Not Over Yet, But Pretty Close

Series Not Over Yet, But Pretty Close

Well, it's been nice.

The Phillies, as you know and have witnessed and been told endlessly, are a resilient team. They are never finished until it is finished, are never out of it until it is over. They battle, they scrap, they come back when there is very little hope of coming back.

All of that is still true as the sun comes up on this morning of the fifth game of the 2009 World Series. The Phillies are not going to go gently into the good South Philadelphia night this evening, just as they won't go gently into the harsh chill of the Bronx should the Series be extended beyond tonight. That isn't the way they play.

But, well, it's been nice.

Even the late heroics of Pedro Feliz, who tied the game last night with a solo home run when the Phillies were down to their final four outs, couldn't turn the tide of a night that eventually washed over them by a 7-4 score.

They had one comeback in them, but hardly enough to offset a two-out meltdown by Brad Lidge in the top of the ninth. It is either ironic or maddening, or baseball's cruel sense of justice, that a season which has teetered on the brink at times, at least partly because of Lidge, fell irrevocably close to the abyss because of him.

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