Kelly Can Win It All At Cincinnati

Kelly Can Win It All At Cincinnati

Is Brian Kelly still here? He is? That’s a relief. He hasn’t packed yet for South Bend. Maybe after the game.

Don’t you love it? Me, neither. Frantic calls and e-mails follow every ESPN “report.’’

Mel Kiper declared Friday that BK was signed, sealed and outta here the second the Domers put Charlie Weis out of their misery. The effect around here was similar to the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.

It doesn’t matter that Notre Dame has Weis under contract through 2015.

The days when the (Barely) Fighting Irish honored contracts have passed. But you have to feel that firing Weis after this season would cost a lot of money, even by ND standards. (The Chicago Tribune says it’s $4.5 million.)

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