The Localization of Online Sports Media

Among the panels at 2.0 in Vegas was a star-studded one titled “The Future of Sports Media.” It featured Bethlehem Shoals (FreeDarko, Bloomsbury USA, The Sporting News’ The Baseline), Matt Ufford (WithLeather/Kissing Suzy Kolber/Warming Glow), Kevin Blackistone (Around the Horn/FanHouse/Shirley Povich Chair in Sports Journalism at the Univ. of Maryland), Amy K. Nelson ( and Ed Bunnell (VP Programing,

The panel was presented not long after Amy was assigned to the ESPN local microsite in Boston. Not surprisingly, especially with Nelson, a guy like Blackistone who has seamlessly transitioned from a major daily to digital (and succeeded in both) and with an executive from Fox Sports – who was doing local long before the 4-Letter, the conversation lead to the “Localization of Online Sports.”

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