RIT Underdogs in Frozen Four to Win It

RIT Underdogs in Frozen Four to Win It

This who'd-a-thunk-it ride to the NCAA Frozen Four is, all by itself, worthy of the Good Hockeykeeping seal of approval for a great season.

Except the Rochester Institute of Technology Tigers say they're not ready to quit playing.

What's the point of crashing the party if you can't stay to dance?

"We can't let this opportunity pass us by," sophomore left winger Scott Knowles said. "It's one thing to get here. It's another to win it."

And so, the Tigers will enter this evening's 5:04 semifinal against the University of Wisconsin not with an aura of contentment, but rather the determination to become national champions.

"We still have expectations of winning," senior defenseman Dan Ringwald said.

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