Big Ten Expansion Will Affect All Conferences

Big Ten Expansion Will Affect All Conferences

That unavoidable, annoying elephant in the room was impossible to ignore here at the annual Bowl Championship Series meetings. The news was that its gestation remains on schedule.

A new Big Ten won't be born for another 12-18 months. We will have to continue to wait, then, for Armageddon -- a bigger, broader, more dominant Big Ten to rule the college landscape and rip it apart. Expansion talk had become so, well, expansive that reporters hopped on planes from literally all points of the country to gather at the sedate Royal Palms resort this week.

In his first public comments in months that big elephant, er, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany felt compelled to formally announce Wednesday that nothing was imminent in terms of expansion by his conference.

Now try to find one of his peers who can relax.



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