NCAA Tournament Adds Networks, Expands to Only 68 Teams

NCAA Tournament Adds Networks, Expands to Only 68 Teams

In a surprising move, the NCAA signed a new television deal that will add more networks to CBS's coverage of the men's basketball tournament, but will not expand the field to 96 teams. Wait, did they actually listen to us?

The college overlords have signed a new 14-year, $10.8-billion television contract that includes both CBS and Turner networks. Turner will even get a chance to broadcast the Final Four, beginning in 2016, undoing the stranglehold that CBS has had on the championship game since 1982. For the first five years, the networks will split duties for the first three rounds, before CBS takes over for the regional finals and beyond.

The addition of TNT, TBS and TruTv means that every single game will be broadcast live, in its entirety, on one of four national networks. Which is weird is because that's actually an improvement over the current system. You mean, I can actually pick the game I want to watch and just ... watch it? Does not compute.

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