Caps May Be In Need Of Reconstruction

Caps May Be In Need Of Reconstruction

You can say the Caps choked. You can ask whether the coach should be fired. You can wonder whether Alexander Semin or Mike Green should be traded. You can apologize for the Caps by saying a hot goalie beat a near-great team. You can even whine about a call that negated a goal.

There's some truth in all of it.

But the Capitals have a bigger problem. They have to decide whether the creative, free-wheeling, crowd-pleasing offensive system they've built around Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, and Green and Semin, is so at odds with the rugged, tense nature of NHL playoff hockey that it must be fundamentally changed. Not tweaked. Not enhanced with more goal-mouth tough guys. But an entire team's on-ice personality radically altered.

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