Don't Be Fooled By Celtics' Unreal Ineptitude

Don't Be Fooled By Celtics' Unreal Ineptitude

Whatever you do, don't make too much of Game 6. Trust me on this one, OK? Been there, done that, and I know the temptation. The temptation, after watching the Lakers destroy the Celtics 89-67 on Tuesday night, is to concede Game 7 to the Lakers as well.

And on the surface, sure -- it sounds good. It seems reasonable. The Celtics weren't just bad in Game 6. They were abysmal. They had no bite at all, resembling a dog only in that they rolled over and played dead.

But we've been here before. All of us. Don't tell me you've forgotten Game 1. The Celtics were awful in Game 1, so bad that I wondered that night, in my story from the game, how could "the Boston team I saw tonight beat Los Angeles three times in the next five games"? Didn't matter how bad the Celtics looked in Game 1. Didn't matter what I wondered. They went on to win three of the next four games. The Celtics rebounded from that abysmal Game 1 by winning Game 2, right here at Staples Center.

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