Weak Penalties Set Up NASCAR for Disaster

Weak Penalties Set Up NASCAR for Disaster

Welcome to WWE racing, where scores are settled by drivers moving at 200 mph, where anarchy reigns, where NASCAR's new boys-have-at-it ethos has produced a kind of automotive Darwinism, highbrow demolition derby.It's all great fun, wonderful theater, just the kind of on- and off-track conflict that can drive NASCAR's flagging ratings and interest.

That is, until somebody gets hurt.

Or, well, dies.

This is the question in the wake of the Carl Edwards-Brad Keselowski mash-up at last week's Nationwide Series race: How far is too far? When and where is NASCAR prepared to draw the line between rubbin'-is-racin' and the kind of Wild West ugliness that tears up cars and could, heaven forbid, leave NASCAR with another Dale Earnhardt tragedy?

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