Burrell Helps Huff Escape His Shell

Burrell Helps Huff Escape His Shell

Aubrey Huff is part comedian, part prankster and part roast master, lacking the tuxedo but sparing his teammates nothing else. When it comes to the self-styled Huff Daddy, there is no such thing as "too much information."

Here is the most unbelievable thing Huff has uttered as a Giant, though:

"I was a painfully shy kid," he said, stopping as he sensed disbelief. "No, really, I was."

Huff grew up in a trailer park outside of Fort Worth, Texas. He lost his father at a young age and immersed himself in video games and cartoons. He described himself as a gangly, pizza-faced kid in high school who hit just one home run as a junior and senior combined, even though the outfield fence was just 350 feet to dead center. Even as he put on weight in junior college and started hitting deep drives, he portrayed a total lack of confidence.

So who brought him out of his shell?

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