Double Standard on Domestic Violence for Athletes

Double Standard on Domestic Violence for Athletes

It has been a bruising two weeks for the girlfriends of a few high-profile athletes.


On Monday Indiana Pacers rookie Lance Stephenson, 19, was arraigned on charges of felony assault, menacing and harassment in New York City for allegedly attacking the 21-year-old mother of his child. Prosecutors in the Brooklyn DA's office allege that Stephenson pushed his girlfriend Jasmine Williams down of flight of stairs at her Coney Island, N.Y., apartment building early Sunday morning. With the victim lying at the bottom of the stairs, Stephenson, according to a criminal complaint made public by the DA's office, then picked up her head and slammed it on the bottom step. Williams was later treated at an area hospital for head and back wounds.


Four days earlier, Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez was arrested outside the team's family lounge at Citi Field and charged with assaulting Carlos Pena, the 53-year-old grandfather of his infant twins. According to published reports, Rodriguez had been verbally berating his girlfriend, Daian Pena, with f-bombs before Pena came to his daughter's defense and was assaulted. Pena was treated for injuries and he and his daughter were granted a protection order against Rodriguez.

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