Arenas Unlikely to Change Ways

Arenas Unlikely to Change Ways

On the day that NBA commissioner David Stern reportedly told Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards to keep their traps shut about Arenas' gun conviction, Arenas' lawyers were in California filing court papers fighting a penny-ante lawsuit by a gun dealer.

You can't make this stuff up.

The NBA basically issued an edict for Arenas to shut up last week. Meanwhile, Arenas' lawyers, rather than simply paying a bill a California gun dealer says is due, filed papers in a public courthouse and fanned the flames that nearly burned NBA basketball in Washington to the ground last season.

It just illustrates that no matter how much Stern and new Wizards owner Ted Leonsis want to wipe away the memory of what Arenas did -- including his bizarre and destructive track record before he brought guns into the team locker room last year in a feud with teammate Javaris Crittenton -- it won't matter.

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