Stern's Gag Order Kills Arenas' Redemption

Stern's Gag Order Kills Arenas' Redemption

With folks engulfed in the soap operas involving Carmelo Anthony and Miami's Big Three, they've ignored the NBA shadows, where David Stern just used his iron fist as commissioner to give a black eye to one of the best ways to control knuckleheads.

It's called free speech. It's for the good of the country, but it's also splendid for the health of sports leagues.

As for the latter, in the aftermath of your league catching and punishing knuckleheads, you allow them to express themselves openly along the way to showing they finally get it -- or to giving you an early sign that you'd better get rid of them before they embarrass the league, their team and themselves by doing something crazier.

Instead, Stern muzzled Gilbert Arenas, among the kings of knuckleheads after his little gun situation last year.

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