TCU Move to Big East Makes Cents

TCU Move to Big East Makes Cents

You read it, and you laughed.

OK, maybe not you. But me, I laughed.

TCU to the Big East?

What, the English Rugby League isn't expanding? Why West Virginia in the fall when you can have London? I'd love to see Gary Patterson on the sidelines wearing a derby.

But while a report in the New York Post this week lit up the Internet world and produced initial skepticism at least from me...

Yes, the TCU to the Big East story is running with legs at the moment. Maybe even stronger legs than has been reported, at least where Fort Worth feet are concerned.

Once I stopped laughing, and once other voices provided pros and cons, I've suddenly gone from "what a stupid idea," to "hmmmm, I see what you mean."

It's a strange footprint for both parties.

But the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East has always been the same kind of geographical misfit, and TCU could possibly benefit in the same way.

The concept is rather simple:

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