LSU 5-0, But Some Want Miles Gone

LSU 5-0, But Some Want Miles Gone

College-football fans may be obsessive, but they're not crazy. If they decide to come after the coach with a guillotine, basic civility states they usually first wait for his team to lose a game.

This season, you can kiss these rules goodbye.

Like perhaps no 5-0 coach before him, LSU's Les Miles has managed to win all of his games while simultaneously enraging his team's fans. It got so bad that after the team beat West Virginia on Sept. 25, LSU athletic director Joe Alleva felt it necessary to write a letter to fans before last week's home game against Tennessee. It's purpose: to plead with them not to boo. "[W]hen some among the crowd are vocally disapproving of our own players or coaches, it is detrimental on many levels," the letter said.

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