Reds Dissolve as Phillies Go Up 2-0

Reds Dissolve as Phillies Go Up 2-0

If the question was how the Cincinnati Reds would handle the bright lights of the postseason, now we have the answer.

The lights along the third-base upper deck may have won Game 2 of this National League division series for the Phillies. Cincinnati outfielder Jay Bruce turned a routine fly out into two Phillies runs by closing his glove about a foot from the baseball.

"It was a routine popup," Bruce said. "It went into the lights and it never came out until I saw it hit the ground. The atmosphere was different."

Fittingly, the game-changing play originated from the bat of Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins. Two days earlier, Rollins was describing his best defensive play in Roy Halladay's Game 1 no-hitter. The grounder that ticked off the mound wasn't hard to get to, Rollins said, but it was hard to see for all the white rally towels.

"We need to get some red towels," Rollins said.

He didn't mention changing to red light bulbs.

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