Oregon-UCLA a Coaching Matchup to Watch

Oregon-UCLA a Coaching Matchup to Watch

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said this week that he believes someone will, "eventually solve" Oregon's offense. Given enough time, and some opportunity, Neuheisel said he believes that the Chip Kelly offense that has elevated the Ducks to a No. 1 ranking in the AP poll can be neutralized, and that he hopes it happens Thursday night at Autzen. (Oregon-UCLA preview.)

And for saying so, I think Neuheisel ends up as either a raving genius, or the biggest lunatic fool in the stadium tonight.

Know that Kelly was mildly irked at the Neuheisel assertion. Kelly said of the offense he's honed since 1998, "It's not a gimmick." Kelly also pointed out that his offense has led the conference in points and yardage in each of the seasons it's been employed. Also, Kelly said, "They must be pretty slow in solving it because I've been running it for four years here."

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