A Refreshing, Thrilling Series on Tap

A Refreshing, Thrilling Series on Tap

Experience is the name we give our mistakes. - Oscar Wilde

For the first time ever, both World Series combatants will have gone at least 50 years without a title, with the Giants mired in a championship drought since 1954 and the Rangers never having been to a Series in their 50-year history. This is just one of the compelling storylines that make this Series matchup one of the more interesting in quite some time; perhaps not since the Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins contested their historic 1991 battle have there been two teams so little known to the average baseball fan.

Without question football is America's most popular and also most national sport in the sense that fans' identification with football teams is not nearly as geographically fixed as it is with baseball. It's not uncommon, in fact it's routine, for fans to live in one city and root for another municipality's team - just a cursory glance in a sports bar on any given Sunday and this fact is born out. And the best players on most teams are well known outside of their local network jurisdiction.

This is decidedly not the case with baseball. For better or worse, even in this 24-hour sports environment where access to any and all teams is possible, baseball has maintained a local flavor, thanks in large part to its quotidian rhythms. It takes work, and time, to devote oneself to a team and daily involvement is essential in baseball if one is to call himself committed.

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