Rangers Hope Vlad Isn't Lost in Outfield

Rangers Hope Vlad Isn't Lost in Outfield

Vladimir Guerrero can play right field. We know that. In his finest summers at Stade Olympique, he finished with 15 outfield assists. As recently as two years ago, he was an everyday outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels. He is not that anymore.

Guerrero is the designated hitter for the Texas Rangers. The American League champion Texas Rangers. Having said that, it’s time to consider everyone’s favorite October question: What should the AL manager do in the NL park?

Sometimes, the answer is clear.

In 2004, David Ortiz was far too important to theBoston Red Sox for Terry Francona to sit him. So, he played first base. As Jeff Suppan can tell you, Big Papi’s arm was a Big Surprise.

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