Giants' Offense Doesn't Scare Lee

Giants' Offense Doesn't Scare Lee

The question was softball. Nothing hard-hitting. But Cliff Lee took it in another direction, almost going out of his way to avoid tipping his cap to the Giants' offense.

So, Cliff, what can you say about a lineup that lacks power and speed but gets it done? Why are these hitters dangerous, if you believe they are?

"I think they're dangerous," the Rangers' ace said, "because they've got really good pitching."

Lee offered minimal kudos to the hitters. A bunch to the pitchers.

"Yeah, you've got to give credit to their hitters for scoring those runs and Cody Ross, especially the way he's been swinging it," Lee said. "But I think you can give more credit to the pitching. I mean, they're the ones that are out there pitching in those one-run games. That's tough to do over and over, and they did a lot of that this postseason."

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