Giants' 'Future' Stars in the Present

Giants' 'Future' Stars in the Present


There's a reason his nickname is "the Future."

There's a reason the Giants dropped their highest-paid player, $16 million southpaw Barry Zito, off their postseason roster to make room for a rookie.

And there's just cause why at 21 years and 91 days, Madison Bumgarner, a big southpaw from North Carolina who's now the toast of San Francisco, joined the list of youngest pitchers to start a World Series game after Bullet Joe Bush, Jim Palmer, Fernando Valenzuela and Johnny Podres. Palmer did better. But not much.

After watching Bumgarner pitch eight overpowering, scoreless innings of three-hit ball against the Texas Rangers in Game 4 of this Series, everybody knows why the baseball waters have parted for the kid with the Carolina drawl and no apparent pulse.

What Bumgarner did to the American League's top-hitting team, dropping the Rangers into a three-games-to-one deficit with a 4-0 win, he may well do to the rest of baseball for many years. The only reason Bumgarner didn't become the second youngest man to pitch a Series shutout, behind Palmer, is because he got the hook after 106 pitches. Why? To protect the Future, of course.

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