No Reason to Doubt Lee in Game 5

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Nobody asked Cliff Lee if he had any desire to pitch Sunday, in case you were wondering, meaning he should be well-rested for his attempt to save the Rangers' improbable season.

And this is exactly what it should come down to, an ace on the mound with the World Series on the line.

Wouldn't hurt if Lee could just leave the bullpen out of it, come to think of it.

Might help if he grabbed a bat, too.

On a listless Halloween night that left 51,920 fans at the Ballpark wondering who was in the Rangers' costumes, the Giants out-pitched and out-hit the home team, 4-0, to come within a win of their first World Series title in more than a half-century. Not that it's any history you're probably interested in.

What matters most now is what Lee does tonight. This...

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