Ice-Cold Hitting Fatal to Rangers

Ice-Cold Hitting Fatal to Rangers

The greatest Rangers season ever will be remembered with claws-and-antlers T-shirts hanging in closets and with World Series memorabilia displayed on walls and desk tops. It will be celebrated in the form of tickets purchased for the rapidly approaching 2011 season.

But the final chapter was far more bittersweet than anything Rangers fans have been known to endure. First-round playoff losses to the Yankees in the '90s never gave anyone a sense that the Rangers were truly close to a title.

The 2010 season ended at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Monday night with a crowd of 52,045 watching the San Francisco Giants celebrate a 3-1 World Series-clinching victory that continued their display of total dominance over the Rangers.

Statistically the weakest offensive team to reach the postseason, the Giants outscored the Rangers in the five games, 29-12, and made Texas the first team since the '66 Dodgers to be blanked twice in a World Series.

"They shut us down," second baseman Ian Kinsler said. "Obviously, we got a little cold. But we expect more of ourselves. Not much worked."

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