Renteria Best Clutch Shortstop in Series History

Renteria Best Clutch Shortstop in Series History

Everyone else ran to the mound. They came pouring out of the San Francisco dugout, furiously happy and sprinting for San Francisco closer Brian Wilson, who had just closed out Game 5, the Texas Rangers and the 2010 World Series. Giants catcher Buster Posey hurled his mask and thundered toward Wilson. The San Francisco bullpen came running in from center field. Everyone on the team headed for Wilson.

Everyone but second baseman Freddy Sanchez and third baseman Juan Uribe. Sanchez and Uribe met about 30 feet behind the mound, where they made a sandwich of the most clutch shortstop in recent baseball history.

And his name ain't Derek Jeter.

Sanchez and Uribe surrounded Edgar Renteria, who on Monday night won his second World Series ring by doing the heaviest lifting himself -- with the winning hit in the clinching game, a 3-1 San Francisco victory.

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