San Francisco Brings the Trophy West

They called them the Misfits, but now they have to call them champions. San Francisco won its first title since moving to West Coast last night, winning a tense 3-1 game last night in Texas to clinch the Series in five games. It was a long journey for a lot of players. The right side of San Francisco's infield, Freddy Sanchez and Aubrey Huff came here escaping ownership that was either cheap or inept, in Pittsburgh and Baltimore and respectively. Cody Ross was cut loose from Florida. Pat Burrell was released by Tampa Bay in April--and while he struggled in this Series, he was a vital part of an underrated offense all year long. Edgar Renteria's career had hit the skids starting in 2005 as he kicked around from Boston to Atlanta to Detroit and finally to San Francisco where he was a...

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