Expectations Raised for Rangers

Expectations Raised for Rangers

For the last eight months, the Rangers have taken us on a memorable, exhilarating ride that culminated in their first appearance in the World Series.

Hope you enjoyed every moment of the Rangers' ride because it'll never be like this again.


The cute little Rangers, who provide an annual summer diversion between the end of football season and the start of training camp, are no more.

Not after playing in the Fall Classic and making claws and antlers part of our everyday vocabulary.

But the flip side of the Rangers' first playoff series win and their first American League pennant is that higher expectations will now accompany the Rangers into Surprise, Ariz., when pitchers and catchers report in a few months.

The club has new ownership, which means it will have a budget commensurate with its market size. So we can scrap the excuses about the Rangers not having the cash to compete with the big boys.

Now, they are one of the big boys.

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