Cowherd Way Out of Line in Attacking Wall

AP Photo

Colin Cowherd is an unmentionable. I don't know the man, and might not even mean it as an insult. It's a character he plays on ESPN Radio, one he's gotten a lot of mileage of. Radio is all about knowing your audience, catering to them, indulging them, and interacting with them. Throw them a bone, and they will make you rich, famous, and something of a people's god. It's the ultimate bait-and-switch, or turning-of-the-tables -- you convince them you feel like they do, and from there, the power flows like barf. 

Yesterday, Cowherd let loose with his brash, take-no-prisoners assessment of John Wall's debut in DC, or at least tried to. As you'll see, ol' CC didn't bother much with the specifics of the game -- in fact, he seems to have pretty much ignored even the...

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