Texans' Problems on Kubiak

Texans' Problems on Kubiak

OK, so Gary Kubiak had a really bad day at the office, and isn't every- one entitled to one or two?

That's about the best defense I can come up with for a coaching performance that was as bad as any the Texans have had in five years under Kubiak.

After the game, it only got worse when Kubiak tried to explain some of his decisions. His answers ranged from ridiculous to just plain dumb.

Weren't we supposed to be past these kinds of meltdowns? At least the Texans were close last season. They lost two games by three points, one by five points and two by seven.

If they'd won even one of those games, they would have been in the playoffs. So we sold it hard last summer. One play from the playoffs. On the verge. Ready for a breakthrough season.

It's important to be cautious about hammering Kubiak because the Texans typically have played their best football late in the season. But those seasons were different from this one.

The Texans have played their best only after being virtually eliminated from contention. Those fast finishes may have saved face and jobs, but that's about all they did.

Even last season, the Texans never really seemed in contention after a 5-7 start. They won four in a row at the end, but they'd already dug too deep of a hole.

At the beginning of this season, you would have taken a 4-3 start, so it's important to keep things in perspective. They can still make something out of this season.

It's not 4-3 that's the problem. It's how the Texans got to 4-3. They've lost three of their last five, and the three losses have been by the combined score of 91-40. There's no way to spin 91-40 as acceptable in a coach's fifth season. Good teams don't get blown out three times. They just don't.

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