Pedestrian Debut Reveals Arenas' Promise

Pedestrian Debut Reveals Arenas' Promise

The fall of Gilbert Arenas has been long and well-chronicled. His days as an NBA All-Star have long been forgotten, erased by the memories of a bum knee that robbed him of the better part of two seasons and a monstrous mistake, his decision to bring unloaded guns into the Wizards locker room last season, which cut short a third.

Arenas' past will never truly be forgotten, available to interested parties with a simple click of a Wikipedia page. But, on Friday, Arenas took the first step toward putting some distance between himself and his history. In his first NBA game since January, Arenas scored 18 points in Washington's 112-91 loss to the New York Knicks.

At times, it wasn't pretty. Arenas checked into the game with 2½ minutes remaining in the first quarter and proceeded to launch an errant 26-foot three-pointer. But, at times, there were glimpses of the Arenas of old, the confident gunner who for years ranked as one of the games most dangerous scorers. He pumped in 14 of the Wizards first 15 points in the fourth quarter to pull Washington to within six before an energized Knicks team pulled away.

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