Alouettes QB Calvillo Ready to Join Elite

Alouettes QB Calvillo Ready to Join Elite

One of the last times I saw Ron Lancaster in good form, he came downstairs from a Saturday afternoon nap at his Grey Cup hotel in Winnipeg to sit in a big leather chair in the lobby and shoot the breeze about TSN’s Top 50 CFL Players survey.

After opining that Jackie Parker was the best he ever saw, and that included the poll’s No. 1 choice, Doug Flutie (though Lancaster said he’d like to have both of them on his mythical team), the talk drifted to the quarterbacking matchup in the next day’s 2006 Grey Cup game — B.C.’s Dave Dickenson and Montreal’s Anthony Calvillo.

The conversation seems apropos now, because four years have passed since that very exhaustive poll of sixty former CFL players, current and former coaches, executives, and media members was conducted.

And Anthony Calvillo didn’t make the cut.

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