Clocking Finnegan Will Cost Johnson

Clocking Finnegan Will Cost Johnson

Just before the ball was snapped, Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan looked toward the Texans' sideline and yelled, "Watch this."

And then he attempted to take Andre Johnson's head off.

This part of the story was relayed by people who were there, and it's the part that could get lost after Johnson reacted by ripping off Finnegan's helmet and unleashing a frightening flurry of punches.

Those punches will play well on television, so welcome to 24 hours of ESPN programming. They'll be condemned for their brutality, dissected for their artistry, used as evidence that violence is out of control in the NFL.

Johnson will get little sympathy, and perhaps he doesn't deserve any. He's supposed to be superman, isn't he?

Never mind that he reacted the way a lot of competitive people would react. He was hit in the face, and he punched back. What would you have done?

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