Teamwork Defines Alouettes' Dynasty

Teamwork Defines Alouettes' Dynasty

Consistent excellence in sport isn’t always sexy, and not every team that wins and wins a lot seems to deserve the designation of dynasty. It’s a style thing sometimes, and sometimes it’s probably not fair.

No one would argue, for instance, with the pantheon places reserved for the football teams that defined this town, the great Eskimos sides of the 1950’s and the 1980’s – just like no one would argue with the hockey team that once redefined the game’s potential up the road at a rink then known as Northlands Coliseum.

But with others, you have to think about it a bit more, as Anthony Calvillo well understands. This week, while discussing the place reserved for his team, the Montreal Alouettes, as they prepared for their eighth Grey Cup appearance in eleven seasons – a run pretty much unprecedented in the modern history of this ancient game – he acknowledged that the whole legacy thing still hung in the balance.

“That’s always going to be something the media is going to talk about,” Calvillo said. “Edmonton winning five straight (in the 1980’s); that is unbelievable. Our situation, it could go either way. We could always help the cause by winning another one this Sunday.”

They helped it to a large degree degree, eking out a 21-18 victory last night over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in front of a packed house at Commonwealth Stadium, in what was until its final minutes one of the drearier Grey Cups in recent memory.



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