Giants' Signing of Tejada Confusing

Giants' Signing of Tejada Confusing

Ten months ago Giants general manager Brian Sabean signed 35-year-old catcher Bengie Molina to a one-year, $4.5 million contract. The transaction inspired yawns, shrugs and more than a couple sad shakes of the head from fans who believed the team's catcher of the future was already in hand -- some phenom whose name escapes us now. Buster something-or-other.

The Molina signing made a lot more sense come October, when it was revealed he was never part of the Giants' long-range plans for 2010. Rather, Sabean said, he had planned all along to trade Molina as soon as this Buster character was deemed worthy of being the team's alpha catcher.

October seems like eons ago, but we vaguely recall that strategy working out pretty well for the Giants. Now we wonder if there is a similar codicil to be named later that will someday fully explain Sabean's latest piece of craftsmanship, signing 36-year-old shortstop Miguel Tejada to a reported one-year, $6.5 million contract.

Taken at face value, it puts the "under" in underwhelming. True, the Giants were in need of a shortstop. Edgar Renteria, the Giants' starter last opening day and MVP in the World Series, may squeeze another season or two out of his balky body. But at this stage of his career he is nobody's idea of an everyday player.

Juan Uribe, Sabean's first choice to replace Renteria, was lured to Los Angeles by an over-market offer from the Dodgers. Hey, economics happen.

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