Bulls, Boozer Need Time to Jell

Bulls, Boozer Need Time to Jell

There's going to be an adjustment period for all the Bulls, not just for their $80 million free agent. I don't suppose anyone wants to hear that, not with fans already trying to clear their calendar for June.

After Wednesday's debacle, the only question is whether to measure the adjustment time in days, weeks or months.

It was wonderful seeing Boozer in a Chicago uniform for the first time. And it was wonderful seeing him without the cast on his hand that had made him look like the official team puppeteer. He's going to add so much to this team -- in time. You can't just throw a star into a lineup and expect things to go smoothly from the start. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could lead a panel discussion on the subject.

''It's going to mean a lot, but don't go out there assuming everything's going to be perfect,'' Rose said.

He said that before the game. Smart man.

Rose is as unselfish a player as they come, but he has been in a comfort zone until now, and he'll have to get used to all the things Boozer does, big and little. Eventually, Boozer is going to make Rose a better player. If you ever saw Deron Williams and Boozer run the pick-and-roll in Utah, then you know how dangerous the power forward is.

Everybody's going to be better because of Boozer. Luol Deng will get better looks. So will Kyle Korver.

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