Kiffin's Future Could Hinge on UCLA Game

Kiffin's Future Could Hinge on UCLA Game

When USC and UCLA take the field Saturday, you know one coach will be carrying all the weight, feeling all the heat, hogging all the cliff.

You know one coach needs to win this game to salvage a season, a reputation and perhaps a career. You know that if this one coach loses, even though it seems as if he just arrived, next season could conceivably be his last.

You know that one coach's future in Los Angeles may rest on this one game.

What you may not know is that this coach is USC's Lane Kiffin.

"I would say that is a fair assessment," Kiffin said.

The embattled Bruin Rick Neuheisel? For now, his future is a non-issue. He has an athletic director who hired him and is wedded to him for at least two more years. He has boosters who like his enthusiasm and are busy directing their anger toward his coordinators. He has an undermanned team that is not supposed to win.

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