Broncos' Reputation a Victim

Broncos' Reputation a Victim

The biggest casualty of the Josh McDaniels era at Dove Valley was the truth. The Broncos' first job on the road back is to restore their credibility.

The timing of the firing remains a bit mysterious, especially considering the mixed signals from owner Pat Bowlen over the past eight days. But it is indisputable that McDaniels lost much of his remaining credibility in the 10 days since the Broncos were busted for Spy- gate II.

Both the club and the NFL did immediate damage control in an unusual Saturday media blitz within hours of The Post reporting the incident, thereby officially putting it behind them even as they acknowledged it for the first time.

Unfortunately, no one believed their explanation, that McDaniels' old friend Steve Scarnecchia was a rogue videographer and McDaniels a disapproving model of ethical behavior, even though he didn't do anything about it.

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