Koscheck Brings Out Ire in St. Pierre

Koscheck Brings Out Ire in St. Pierre

For six months, Georges St. Pierre has wanted to erupt, to lash out, to tell the world how sick and tired he’s been of Josh Koscheck.

If you poke a caged lion with a stick, you always have to be careful the lion doesn’t get free and maul you. You can be sure, as he spent a month-and-a-half in Las Vegas with Koscheck in the summer filming the reality series, “The Ultimate Fighter,” that there were plenty of times that St. Pierre wanted to maul Koscheck.

Koscheck hadn’t left the Octagon following his victory over Paul Daley at UFC 113 in May when he began the torrent of trash talk about St. Pierre. Then, for six weeks in Las Vegas, he poked and prodded St. Pierre, hoping to get a rise out of him. He’s continued the verbal onslaught ever since.

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