Texans Must Start by Replacing Coach

Texans Must Start by Replacing Coach

Gary Kubiak has had enough time to fix the Texans. If he hasn't gotten it done in five seasons, there's no reason to think he'll ever get it done.

Now comes the hard part. You're on the clock, Texans owner Bob McNair. Nothing can happen in these final three weeks to change that assessment.

That's a painful conclusion because this is a very good man, a decent, honest man, a man who has handled himself with grace and dignity despite some very tough circumstances.

Those of us who have argued for him, defended him and hoped he would succeed are out of ammunition. He has had five seasons. Five seasons to draft and sign and trade players. Five seasons to hire and fire assistant coaches. Five seasons to draw up plays and coach up players.

Kubiak is the longest tenured NFL coach without a playoff appearance. Coaches hired in the same offseason as Kubiak — Sean Payton, Brad Childress, Mike McCarthy - have gone to the playoffs. Coaches hired since Kubiak - Mike Smith, John Harbaugh, Mike Tomlin, Ken Whisenhunt, Rex Ryan, Tony Sparano - have gone to the playoffs.

Kubiak, 36-41 overall, has one winning season and zero playoff appearances. His players like him but have not responded to him.

Here's the most damning thing: The Texans have shown they're capable of playing at a high level but typically only after they've fallen desperately behind. There's just something missing in terms of preparation, attitude or strategy, and all those things are coach issues.

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