49ers Need Plan to Replace Singletary

49ers Need Plan to Replace Singletary

Only two games remain in the 49ers' regular season and coach Mike Singletary still can't commit to a starting quarterback.

The York ownership better have a firmer plan for the club's future.

Regardless of how the 49ers fare the rest of this season -- even if it includes a trap door into the playoffs by virtue of the NFC West title -- the Yorks must be ready to spring into action. The time is drawing near to replace Singletary, find a new general manager -- correction: hire a general manager -- and eventually produce a new quarterback.

The St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals are the 49ers' remaining opponents on the field. But a gauntlet of 10 other franchises might be making coaching changes, too.

Identifying candidates is a pre-emptive step that must be done soon, if not already complete. The 49ers will have stiff competition out there. They may have been a jewel in the NFL's crown 15 years ago, but their brand has been tarnished.

Three coaching changes since 2003 haven't panned out under the Yorks' watch. Neither have their personnel czars, who have doled out millions to high-round draft picks and overpriced free agents.

Want proof? The 49ers are assured of their seventh losing season in eight years, the exception being last season's 8-8 mark.

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