Don't Compare, Admire UCLA, UConn Runs

Don't Compare, Admire UCLA, UConn Runs

The number stands there, tall, upright, begging to be argued. Begging for the next smartest man or woman in the room to come along and tell us what a basketball record for consecutive victories means in the course of human achievement.


C'mon, are you an idiot? Do you know what the final score between the 1973 UCLA men and the 2010 UConn women would be? Whatever that big, Grateful Dead-loving, Patty Hearst-admirin' redhead wanted it to be. Bill Walton would score the first 100, his teammates would score the next 100 and we'd all go home embarrassed we ever tried to compare a Mars apple with a Venus orange. …

No, no. You are the idiot. Dominance should be gauged mathematically within the time frames of those winning streaks. UCLA beat 10 nationally ranked teams. If the Huskies defeat No. 11 Ohio State today at Madison Square Garden to tie UCLA's record, they will have beaten nearly 30. Their average margin of victory has been 32 points. UCLA's was 23. Only twice did an opponent play UConn to single digits. It happened 16 times to UCLA.

The numbers tell all. UConn's 88 would be the greater of the greatest.

The numbers tell nothing. One is the real record. The other is the women's record.

Learn the game.

Open your eyes.

You're a moron.

You're a sexist.

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